Armed Forces News

The Department of the Air Force is adopting a set of “more inclusive” standards for airmen and Space Force members in its Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel. The change will remove language and rules that in the past may have created “unintentional or unfair barriers” to advancement. Here are the changes:

* Shaving waivers can be granted to people who are diagnosed with Pseudofolliculitis Barbae – razor bumps – a condition common among African American men. Those with the condition still would be required to maintain a “neat, clean and professional image.”


* The word “faddish” no longer will be used to describe complexion. Airmen have expressed concern that it was “subjective, and resulted in particular demographics being disproportionally caught up by the enforcement of those rules that included the term.”

* Name tags now will contain diacritical accents and hyphens that would more accurately represent legal names.

* Men now can have one straight-line part, on either side of the head. The part can be cut, clipped or shaved.

* The restriction on combat boots height has been lifted, to better reflect “career fields that require more flexibility.”

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