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Soldiers at Fort Knox, Kentucky, are the first to be outfitted in the new Army Green Service Uniform – commonly known as “pink and greens.” The moniker stems from the green and beige colors of the trousers and jacket respectively. The uniform itself is closely patterned after the one soldiers wore during World War II. Soldiers stood in line outside of the post’s Military Clothing Sales store on July 8, the date the new uniforms became available.

A group of 70 recruiting students there speculated that they would be first to don the new outfits. The future recruiters each would get a service coat, two pairs of pants, a long- and short-sleeve shirt each, a pair of shoes, socks, tie, belt, gloves and cap. It will replace the green Army Service Uniform.


“This uniform goes back to our historical identity,” said Sgt. 1st Class Wesley Wills, a career recruiter and Army Recruiter Course instructor. “When I was out recruiting and wore the Army Service Uniform, a lot of times I was asked if I was in the Air Force. I believe these are a bit truer to who we are.”

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