Armed Forces News

The Republican-controlled House issued its own proposed defense-spending bill for fiscal year 2017, which holds fast to the Obama administration’s levels. The GOP bill, however, differs in how the funding would be allocated. The provisions include $523 billion for base discretionary spending, $23.1 billion for overseas contingency operations base requirements, $35.7 billion for overseas contingency operations, and $8.3 billion in mandatory spending, among other items. The Republican plan would include higher funding for facilities sustainment, curbs in the administration’s proposals to reduce strength in the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force, and a raise in basic pay of 2.1 percent, effective next Jan. 1. (The administration proposed a 1.6-percent raise.) More money would be allocated for Navy ship and aircraft depot maintenance as well. U.S. force strength in Afghanistan would remain at 9,800, as opposed to the administration’s proposed reduction to 5,500.