Armed Forces News

U.S. forces are properly using the money Congress gave the Defense Department to help the Iraqi Counterterrorism Service (CTS) and Special Operations Forces, the Pentagon’s inspector general (IG) stated in an April 19 report. Nevertheless, the IG found areas that could use improvement:

* U.S. and Coalition advisors found it difficult to draw the equipment from the counterterrorism service’s warehouses. The equipment is needed to provide adequate training, assistance and advice to the Iraqis.
* The advisors also need to incorporate well-defined standards of evaluation for Iraqi recruits attached to the counterterrorism unit’s training command.
* Iraqi counterterrorism trainees do not get live-fire training on all of the weapons systems they are expected to use in combat.

The IG offered these recommendations to Coalition authorities:

* Develop a plan to improve response time for the release of equipment and training supplies.
* Determine and implement a better method of establishing criteria for training evaluation.
* Identify and support all requirements for live-fire training on the AT-4, M-72 and SPG-9 weapons.
* Improve the refit process for the Iraqi CTS.