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The Army’s plans for fielding the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JTLV) could face delays because of systems that do not perform to standards. A recent Army report cited several areas in which the JTLV is falling short of expectations. The vehicle would be fielded in four iterations — general purpose, heavy guns carrier, utility/shelter carrier, and close combat weapons carrier.
Three of them — the general purpose, heavy guns and utility/shelter variants — are ready to go, according to the report.

Problems still must be resolved before the close combat weapons carrier can be fielded, however. “All JTLVs are not operationally suitable because of deficiencies in reliability, maintainability, training, manuals, crew situational awareness, and safety,” the report stated. Issues that must be addressed include:


* Contractors would have to be present in the field to repair the vehicles.
* Manuals, training regimens and trouble-shooting are problematic because the vehicles are extremely complicated.
* The vehicles offer crews poor visibility and slow egress. Doors have failed during tests.
* The vehicles are large and somewhat noisy, making them easier for enemies to detect.
* Fewer JTLVs can fit onto transport ships and aircraft than the Humvees they are intended to replace.

The Army intends to procure 49,099 JTLVs. The Marines want another 9,091, while the Air Force wants 80