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The Navy still needs to address a host of issues associated with shipyard-maintenance delays, according to the nation’s chief watchdog agency. Since 2015, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has made 39 unclassified recommendations to the Navy for addressing maintenance issues. In an Oct. 29 report, GAO stated that the Navy agreed with 37 of the recommendations and has acted on six as of the end of September. The Navy issued a report in July citing insufficient capacity and growing maintenance requirements as a chief cause of delays at public shipyards.

GAO countered in its latest report that the issues extend beyond that, to include:


  • Acquisition. Requirements, oversight and technical data all were insufficient or ineffective. Sustainment projections were overly optimistic.
  • Operations. Low crew levels affected performance. Maintenance deferments and extended deployments also played roles.
  • Maintenance. Besides the aforementioned unplanned work and insufficient shipyard capacity, GAO cited adherence to the planning process, condition of facilities and equipment, availability of
  • parts and materials, information technology infrastructure, and modernization and alterations.

GAO did not make further recommendations in this latest report.

Medical personnel from Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, would provide support to BWI passengers who test positive. Caregivers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, would provide care. Lodging would be on or off base.