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Marines can no longer install Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency mining tools on government-owned computers. The ban also applies to gaming, dating and gambling apps, as well as those related to tools to bypass security and monitoring, and root and jailbreak kits. Also, only designated mobile computing team testers are authorized to download Beta OS and application testing apps. The ban includes any apps deemed work-inappropriate, obscene or illegal.

Any of these apps that have already been downloaded to government computers before the ban took effect will be removed or blocked automatically.

Users do not have to take any action regarding apps that are approved. Anyone finding a prohibited app on any government device should submit a trouble ticket to MCOG EDM. The application should include the full names of both the user and the application.

The order, which was delivered in an all-service announcement last month, offered further guidance:

* Consult the list of prohibited applications.
* Delete any apps from their devices that the government considers as at risk.
* Be careful when making videos, voice recordings or taking pictures on government-phone cameras.
* Be careful whenever an application asks to monitor Global Positioning System (GPS). Providing this information could compromise location, travel habits, or information relating to Marine Corps installations and facilities.
* Be wary of applications that seek access to contacts or the calendar. This could compromise personal information.
* Use caution if and when asked to share data. This also could compromise security and personal information.

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