Armed Forces News

The Quantico, Va.-based Marine Corps Rapid Capabilities Office has asked potential contractors to come forth with ideas that would directly apply new technologies into systems that would aid warfighters. The initiatives appeared in a recent post published on, the federal government’s web-based clearinghouse for business opportunities. Specifically, the Marines want:

* Biometric sensing, which would monitor the effects of combat on individual Marines. The sensors would provide information on such factors as mental and physical fatigue, hydration levels, heart rate, temperature, nutrition level, and impact force.


* Power foraging, which would allow Marines to garner and save energy as a “tactical viable alternative” power supply when conventional means may not be readily available. These would include solar, wind, hybrid, kinetic recovery, fuel cells and biofuels — which could be used in “austere locations by small units.”

* Enhanced personal equipment, providing added protection of vision, hearing, and movement during mounted and dismounted operations. The Marines also want to assess the effectiveness of body armor, helmets and glasses.

* Power managing, which would determine good sources of power management systems for use in the field that would ultimately reduce logistic needs.