Armed Forces News

The Marine Corps is asking industry to come forward with ideas for the next-generation shoulder-fired rocket system. The Army moved to procure the system with Marine Corps guidance, issuing a request for proposals last month for the M72 Light Assault Weapon Fire from Enclosure (LAW FFE) munition. The small, lightweight and single-shot system includes features that would improve lethality. The launcher and sling design are improvements over its predecessor, and it has an enhanced in-line trigger mechanism as well. Marines can fire it from inside enclosures, rooms or bunkers – another capability heretofore unavailable on the legacy system. Its muzzle, noise and back blast are less pronounced than that of an M9 pistol, making it better suited for night fighting.

“The new LAW FFE is a true fire-from-enclosure capability unlike anything the Marine Corps has ever seen. It will become a force multiplier,” said Warren Clare, the program manager for ammunition at the Quantico, Virginia-based Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC).

The M72A10 features an advanced warhead design, with a fuse than can operate quickly or with a delay – depending upon the nature of the target, said Richard Dooley, a project manager at MCSC.
“These advancements enable Marines to engage various targets, such as structures, bunkers and enemy personnel,” Dooley said.
Program managers intend to field the new system by sometime late next year.