Armed Forces News

The Marine Corps is asking industry to come forward with ideas for a light unmanned aerial vehicle system capable of flying in swarms and attacking material and personnel targets. The description was published Nov. 17 request for information (RFI) on, the government’s contract-opportunities web site. It details the service’s desire to one day field an Organic Precision Fire-Infantry (OPF-I) Light system that can be transported and set up by two Marines in full combat load, and loiter around a combat zone for up to 90 minutes. It should be interoperable with current government-issued controllers, radios and antennas, be impervious to improvised explosive device (IED) jammers, and have a range of up to 20 kilometers (roughly 12.4 miles). At this point, the Quantico, Virginia-based Marine Corps Systems
Command wants to review industry’s ideas for such a system. Any requests for proposals or contract awards would come at a later date. The Marines want to see all suggestions by Dec. 18.