Armed Forces News

Service members and their families all too often are easy targets for scammers, the Better Business Bureau believes. In a recent report, the bureau determined that military families often are drawn in to bad arrangements because the demands of service life often require them to make decisions in haste.

“Knowing which businesses military families can trust while navigating life in the military is essential, because scammers prey on individuals who must make quick purchasing decisions,” the bureau reported.
Many of these mistakes are made during permanent-change-of-station (PCS) moves, during which home-improvement scams are quite frequent. Military consumers accounted to a median of $200 in 2018, according to the bureau’s scam tracking – a rate 32 percent higher than the $152 reported by all consumers last year.


Employment scams also come into play, with military consumers reporting a median loss of $2,460 – twice the amount of that of the overall population.
Education is the best way to prevent fraud against service members, the bureau stated.