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Family advocates are issuing a reminder: Even though Military Spouse Appreciation Day is scheduled for May 6, related events and support programs will take place throughout the month.

MilitaryOneSource, the Defense Department’s resource and support activity for active-duty members and their families, is holding a three-day Virtual Military Spouse Symposium May 10-12. Access is available by logging into MySECO accounts and registering for the event. The schedule includes events related to fostering careers, personal finance and improving relationships, as well as a Sesame Street for Military Families program.


Also, on May 10, the Navy will hold a spouse-transition symposium and the Air Force plans to address how spouses can maintain careers when they relocate. On May 11, Army representatives will discuss how to establish home-based businesses, to include steps for getting reimbursements for licensing and recertification. Also on that day, Marine Corps family-programs representatives will highlight the array of free resources for family, personal and professional growth at base libraries.

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