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Service members who choose to pay for their permanent-change-of-station (PCS) moves now are eligible for more money to offset the costs they incur.

The Defense Department has revised its Joint Travel Regulations to allow for a payment equivalent to 100 percent of the estimated cost the government would have paid to move household items under these personally procured moves (PPMs). The change took effect May 26 and extends through the end of this year.


Service members who opt for PPMs would be responsible for all costs associated with packing and moving their personal goods. The new policy is expected to address concerns associated with the moving process at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic has caused some local governments to impose safety restrictions upon commercial movers.

The PPM reimbursement typically has been popular with younger service members, often without children. Officials expect the change to garner more interest from service members with families, as it takes effect during the prime moving season.

Reimbursement for PPMs had been set at 95 percent before the change. When the reimbursement policy expires on Dec. 31, the Pentagon will assess its impact. If each of the armed services agree, it could become permanent.

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