Armed Forces News

The Air Force is expanding the number of locations under consideration to become the headquarters of the U.S. Space Force and Space Command.

“The revised approach considers the newly established U.S. Space Force emerging organization structure and analyzes its effects on the limited number of highly specialized personnel and infrastructure required,” the service stated in a May 15 press release.


The search will entail a “comprehensive and transparent analysis” before a site is selected, the Air Force stated. The new criteria include a plan to allow prospective communities to nominate themselves. The Air Force will send each prospective location additional information, based on requirements and evaluation criteria.

In the meantime, Colorado Springs, Colorado will continue to be Space Command’s provisional headquarters. The service expects to select a site by sometime early next year. The selection should be complete, and the new site ready to assume its role, in about six years. The Space Force’s overall headquarters will be situated at the Pentagon, as it is with each of the other armed services.