Armed Forces News

The Navy announced several changes in uniform and grooming standards. They are:
* Female officers and chiefs will be able to purchase new and better slacks and skirts by the end of the year.
* New general safety boots, also available by year’s end, will provide greater comfort and durability.
* Sailors and officers can wear coyote brown ball caps with coveralls and flight suits, as long ac they have approval of their commanding officers (COs).
* Personnel also can wear command logos on t-shirts with their Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type I, II and III coveralls and flight suits, with CO approval.
* New guidance addresses the length, shape and color of fingernails for both men and women.
* Standards have been set for wear, size and length of lock hairstyles while in uniform.
* Changes have been made regarding material in rings and bracelets.
* Sailors assigned to Marine Corps units must conform to Marine Corps uniform standards.
* The Navy has established a working group to address authorization and wear guidance for “optional simultaneous wear” of post-tour command at sea and command/ashore project manager insignia. The service is seeking crewmember participation in a future related working group. Commands can submit names, ranks and availability to the “Ask the Chiefs” email list at

Sailors also are encouraged to make uniform recommendations at any time via “Ask the Chiefs,” or directly to the Uniform Matters Office web site at More information is available on the Navy Personnel Command web site in NAVADMIN 233/18.