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USS Zumwalt

The Navy’s new stealth Zumwalt missile-guided destroyer joined the fleet Oct. 15.

“The Zumwalt class is much larger than today’s destroyers with a considerably larger flight deck – enough space to operate host Joint Strike Fighters, MV-22 Ospreys, and unmanned systems, and a Vertical Launch System second to none,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told an audience at North Locust Shipyard in Baltimore, where the commissioning took place.

The new ship also incorporates into its platform an integrated power system capable of running current and future weapons, computers, and sensors – making it uniquely capable of adapting to new technologies (reportedly, a free-electron laser is under consideration) as they emerge. Zumwalt now heads to San Diego, to undergo further testing before the process of integration into the fleet is complete.

According to the Navy, the ship will be crewed by 147 officers and enlisted personnel, along with a 28-person aviation detachment. The 15,995-metric ton, 610-foot ship was built at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. It has an 80.7 foot beam and a 27.6 foot draft. The ship can sustain 30 knots with two main turbine generators and two auxiliary turbine generators, plus two 33.6 megawatt advanced induction motors.