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The Navy’s chief researcher, Rear Adm. David J. Hahn, believes that technological advances are posing a “readiness challenge” for sailors. Speaking at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition in Oxon Hill, Md., April 5, Hahn — who heads the Office of Naval Research — said that new technologies require a significant increase of focus on training. Developers of those technologies, by the same turn, must focus on the present Navy’s needs — as well of that of the Navy in the next few years, and the one that succeeds it. “Attending to all three, the temporal problem is exacerbated when readiness is where it is today,” Hahn said. “There is no magic technology we are creating that will solve it.”

The new platforms are delivering information, Hahn said, perhaps faster than it can be assimilated.
“We’re very good at collecting data, and very bad at doing something with that data. We need to be thinking on day one, ‘Are we ready for the fight?’ And we must envision those fights in ways that we never have done before,” Hahn said.