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The Navy should take five key steps in order to maintain maritime dominance, the Navy League of the United States believes.
“The Navy must – I repeat, must – maintain a position of dominance in the undersea domain,” said retired Rear Adm. Sinclair Harris, as he addressed a virtual audience during a July 13 webinar. Harris is the Navy League’s vice president of military affairs.

This would mean Congress should authorize two new Virginia-class attack submarines in the fiscal 2021 defense-spending bill, rather than the one it now includes. Approval of the Columbia-class ballistic-missile submarine and other manned and unmanned platforms also is necessary, Harris stated.


He also championed Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David H. Berger’s call for enhanced sealift capabilities, the importance of the role allies and partners play in the National Defense Strategy, and transparency in force-structure planning. Finally, Harris reiterated the need to expand the battle force to 355 ships.

“We can see that when you don’t have a sufficient-sized fleet, you run the risk of overburdening the fleet and the personnel that are operating it,” Harris said, in an article published online by the Navy League’s Seapower magazine.