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The Navy expanded the Assignment Incentive Pay pilot program in March to include most enlisted shore billets in Guam, as well as billets aboard afloat units based in Sasebo, Japan. Qualifying jobs have been posted on the Super Job Advertising and Selection System (JASS) for Guam billets in pay grades E-4 through E-9, with the exception of those in aerographer’s mate, legalman and most cryptologic technician ratings. Cryptologic Technician (Technical) rating billets will qualify for AIP. The bid maximums for Guam range from $400 for petty officers to $500 for chief petty officers. In Sasebo, the bids range from $300 for petty officers to $450 for chiefs. To apply, log on to Super JASS to view current jobs, hot jobs and fill dates, and from the pull down menu select the amount of AIP you would be willing to accept. For additional information, see NAVADMIN 052/04 at