Armed Forces News

The Navy wants to extend critical sea and shore billets, in an effort to maintain readiness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Former sailors trained in critical skills are being offered incentives to don the uniform again as well.

•      Sailors approved for retirement before April 21, 2021, can ask their detailer to delay their separation for six to 12 months.


•      Sailors in critical billets who are eligible for Sea Duty Incentive Pay could qualify for anywhere from $400 to $1,000 more per month. This applies to those in more than 90 ratings and skill combinations. There are qualifications. More information is available on the MyNavy portal.

•      Some sailors who otherwise would be required to separate may be able to remain on duty. The Navy is offering waivers to those who face separation because of High Year Tenure, or have had two or more Physical Fitness failures. These sailors can apply for waivers of up to an additional 12 months. Sailors who miss the spring physical fitness cycle still must pass the test in the fall in order to regain eligibility to reenlist, or take advancement exams and advance.

The offers do not apply to sailors who face mandatory retirement because of age, or are approved for retirement or disability separation. Likewise, officers who have failed twice to be selected for promotion are not eligible. Nor are those who are required by law to leave the service.