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Great Lakes, Ill. - June 2021: A Naval ROTC New Student Indoctrination recruit division commander motivates a midshipman candidate during an intensive training session. Upon completion of New Student Indoctrination, the candidates will start their freshman year of the Naval ROTC program at colleges and universities nationwide. (Navy photo by MCS 3rd Class Nikita Custer)

New enlistees, former sailors and other veterans could get as much as $115,000 in enlistment bonuses and loan repayments, should they choose to enter or reenter the service.

“The maximum current enlistment bonus is $50,000, and the maximum loan repayment is $65,000. They are not mutually exclusive,” said Rear Adm. Lex Walker, commander of Navy Recruiting Command. “If a future sailor maximizes both, that adds up to $115, and the opportunity to serve in the world’s finest Navy.”


Applicants must be able to ship by Sept. 30, enter active duty at pay grade E-4 or below, meet specific bonus eligibility, and not have received a bonus when they first enlisted. Other qualifications must be met as well.

“If you are a sailor, Marine, airman, soldier, guardian or Coast Guardsman who recently separated, this is an opportunity without precedent,” Walker said. “If you have student loan debt, you could be eligible for the loan repayment program if you ship in any month of any fiscal year while the program remains active.”

Former sailors who reenter do not have to undergo recruit training. Those with prior time in uniform in a service other than the Navy do not have to go through basic training either, but must attend a three week orientation course at Naval Training Center Great Lakes, Illinois.

High school seniors who join by Oct. 31 through the delayed-entry program and ship by next July could get a $10,000 bonus.

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