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Improvements to the personnel and pay system should provide sailors with better access across the board, Navy paymasters say. Upgrades to the NP2 system have been made in order to provide new avenues of access to human resources, the Navy Personnel Command stated in a recent press release. The changes include:

* Better permanent-change-of-station (PCS) software that will allow both active-duty and reserve-component sailors to better manage their moves.
* New capabilities to support types of reserve orders.
* An expanded view of the MySailor Data, the personal information sailors need to consult as they monitor their personnel and pay transactions.
* Quicker reimbursement for travel costs during PCS moves. The upgrade includes increased automation, allowing sailors to gain access to pre-filled forms and sign them with e-signatures. Documents no longer will have to be printed out and scanned before presenting them to travel clerks for processing.


Reservists will be able to view their orders on NP2 while mobilizing, demobilizing, and executing ADOS (active duty for operational support) or Officer Recall PCS orders. They will have the same ability to prepare for moves, view and print orders and file travel claims as active-duty sailors have.

Plans call for all assignments, service data and biographical information to be moved to MySailor Data. All electronic service record data will be available as well, on a read-only basis. Eventually, sailors will be able to make updates themselves.
In the meantime, personnel officials advise all sailors to review their NP2 information now – before the next upgrade, which will take place in January 2022. This future upgrade will include pay transactions, the accuracy of which will depend upon information contained in MySailor Data. They should notify their command pay and personnel administrator in the event of any errors.