Armed Forces News

The Navy Special Warfare community is encouraging enlisted sailors in pay grades E-1 through E-5 to apply for conversion to Special Warfare Operator and Special Warfare Boat Operator.
Special Warfare Operators conduct operations on land and sea that involve missions urban, desert, jungle, undersea and mountain areas. They are trained in combat diving, paradrop, small-boat operations, tactical ground mobility, small arms and crew-served weapons, fast roping, rappelling, explosives, communications, trauma care, intelligence gathering and interpretation, and chemical-biological-radiological-nuclear explosive defense.

Special Warfare Boat Operators deliver special operation troops into mission areas by boat and recover them — in riverine, open-ocean and coastal environments. They also are specialists in an array of combat disciplines. They know how to maintain and operate the watercraft, small arms, tactical equipment and unmanned airborne and submersible craft they use.
More information is available in NAVADMIN announcement 224/18, online at For a description of the selection process and application requirements, visit