Armed Forces News

The Navy has begun the search for a replacement trainer jet aircraft. In a May 14 Request for Information (RFI) published on, the service asked for industry to provide ideas for the new aircraft that would meet government requirements.
“Of particular interest … is the capability of a non-developmental aircraft to perform field carrier landing practice (FCLP) events and carrier touch-and-go events,” the RFI stated.

Seapower magazine reported that the new plane ideally would join the fleet by 2028, and replace the Boeing T-45C Goshawk. The aircraft should be able to simulate radar, electro-optical and infrared sensors, electronic attack sensors, radar warning receivers, and the use of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, Seapower reported. The plane should be capable of operating in day or night operations and all kinds of weather conditions, have a 14,000-flight-hour service life, perform 43,200 landings, and fly 400 hours per year, the magazine reported. The Navy expects to receive all responses by July 13, and will not accept any bids at this time.