Armed Forces News

As the Navy and Marine Corps move forward in development of the Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV), the Office of Naval Research (ONR) is looking for ideas as to how it should be configured. Destined to replace the Marines’ Light Armored Vehicle, the ARV would provide crews and passengers with an unprecedented array of communications, robotics, and artificial intelligence technologies. Additionally, the new vehicle would offer much greater survivability, mobility and lethality.

Earlier this year, ONR awarded two companies – General Dynamics Land Systems and SAIC – with contracts to design, develop and build full-scale demonstrator vehicles. General Dynamics’ vehicle would incorporate current technologies, while SAIC’s would include more advanced systems – some of which may not necessarily be mature yet. Both technology demonstrator vehicles are scheduled to be ready for testing by the end of next year.


The Marines have been using the present LAV since the early 1980s, and wants to replace it with the ARV sometime in the late 2020s.