Armed Forces News

When soldiers take the Army’s new physical fitness test, they will have to prove more than ever that they are able enough to fight.
“When you take the test, you know your capabilities,” Maj. Gen. Malcolm B. Frost, commander of the Fort Eustis, Va.-based Center for Initial Military Training, told an audience at the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual meeting earlier this month.

The revised test includes several challenges that are intended to replicate what soldiers would face during the stress of combat situations. They include deadlifts, a standing power throw, hand-release pushups, a 250-meter sprint-drag-carry, a leg tuck and a two-mile run, AUSA reported. Soldiers must complete each task in a specific order intended to cause fatigue.
Both male and female soldiers will have to pass the test, regardless of how old or big they are. It is being incorporated with a service-wide plan that emphasizes a healthier lifestyle. Besides being more ready to fight, soldiers who pass the test should experience fewer medical problems and injuries.
When soldiers are done completing the test, or any other duties they may face during their workdays, they would head to the chow hall and find the food labeled with color codes that indicate which choices are healthy and which are not, AUSA reported.