Armed Forces News

Each Navy recruit who joins the service through the delayed entry program could find an additional item in the first sea bags he or she receives – a fitness-tracking device. Late last month, the Navy Recruiting Command published a request for quote (RFQ) on the General Services Administration web site, seeking bids for “fitness watches and remote monitoring” from potential vendors.
The notice asked suppliers to provide their ideas by Aug. 2. Recruiting command wants to acquire between 40,000 and 48,000 fitness watches per year. Each device must be GPS capable. It would monitor sleep, running, swimming, hiking, and the use of elliptical and treadmills, and function anywhere in the U.S. except Puerto Rico. The length, duration and type of exercise would be recorded. Time would be measured in seconds.

The request noted that recruiting command is issuing it “for market research purposes only.” As such, details could change before Navy recruits begin wearing fitness trackers.
The move comes amid service-wide concerns about the overall poor physical conditions of many young people who seek to join the Navy.