Armed Forces News

Air Force Specialty Warfare Officers are getting a new specialty code. As of April 30, the change will affect all of the service’s special tactics, tactical air control party and combat rescue officers. The change will “increase resourcing, improve talent management and enhance deployment capabilities,” the service said in a press release. The codes are:

* Special tactics: 19ZXA
* Tactical air control party: 19ZXB
* Combat rescue: 19ZXC


Administrative details were in place as of May 1.

“Upon the establishment of the 19Z officer training and developmental processes, every AFSPECWAR (special warfare) officer will exercise the unique competencies: ‘mission command’ culture, advanced combat skills, ground maneuver warfare expertise, air-mindedness and all-domain warfare capabilities,” Col. Mark McGill, deputy director and officer career field manager. “They should see greater opportunities to serve in different positions across the Air Force and will serve the greater AFSPECWAR enterprise together.”