Armed Forces News

The Navy Exchange Service Command has lowered the prices of phone calls for Sailors who use AT&T’s Global Prepaid Card to call from countries they visit most. The new rates are as follows: Calls from Australia to the U.S. were lowered nearly 86 percent to $.18 per minute, while calls from the Philippines were reduced 60 percent to $.60 per minute. Calls from Bahrain, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates are now $.30 per minute. Calls are $.20 per minute from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Greece, Okinawa, Iceland, Italy, Spain and Canada. Calls made within the United States dropped a third from $.15 per minute to $.10 per minute. The AT&T Global Prepaid Card can be used to make AT&T Direct Ocean Service calls from a ship, calls ashore and from AT&T’s Port Call Service. The cards are available in any ship’s store.