Armed Forces News

The Defense Department has announced that Medicare-eligible military beneficiaries who are not enrolled in Medicare Part B will be enrolled automatically by the Social Security Administration during Sept. 2004 with no late enrollment surcharge. Such enrollments (which beneficiaries may decline) will make them eligible for Tricare or Tricare for Life health benefits, depending upon their status. Also, beneficiaries who enrolled in Part B since 2001 and are paying more than $66.60 per month will receive a refund for the premium surcharges paid since January 2004. Those who have paid premium surcharges during 2004 will have them refunded automatically as well. Beneficiaries who do not receive a notice by Nov. 1 should contact their local Social Security Office. If they have questions about enrolling in Medicare Part B, they may call SSA toll free, at (800) 772-1213 or visit any Social Security office.