Armed Forces News

President Trump’s approval rating among military members has declined during the past two years, according to a poll conducted by Military Times. Forty-four percent of all respondents view Trump favorably while 43 percent disapprove of him, according to the poll, which was conducted during the past two months. When Trump was elected, 46 percent approved while 37 percent disapproved.
Compared to the U.S. public at large, the military had a generally better opinion of Trump. Military Times cited a recent Gallup poll, which showed that 43 percent of the overall populace approved of him while 53 percent disapproved.
Trump garnered the highest approval rating from enlisted troops. Female troops and officers generally disapproved of him.
Nearly 34 percent of all Marines who responded to the poll approved of Trump. A little more than 20 percent of all airmen, about 19 percent of all sailors, and 26 percent of all soldiers approved of him, according to the Military Times poll.