Armed Forces News

Department of Defense employees now can claim retroactive reimbursement for Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan premiums paid when called to active duty as reserve component members. Eligibility requirements: must have been a civilian employee of DoD when activated; must have been called on or after Dec. 8, 1995, to support a contingency operation as defined in section 101(a) (13) of Title 10, U.S. Code; must have been placed on leave without pay or separated from federal civilian service to perform active duty; and must have served for more than 30 consecutive days for each reimbursement period. For more information, visit Current employees may call (800) 616-3775, press 2 for civilian, then 2 for benefits and entitlements. People overseas can dial the commercial direct access number for that country and then (800) 997-2378. Hearing-impaired employees can call TDD at (800) 382-0893.