Probe Into Handling of Ex-Airman’s Records Launched

The Pentagon is launching an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Air Force’s apparent failure to release the service records of Devin P. Kelley, the man who murdered 26 people in a Texas church on Nov. 5.

Kelley had been found guilty of domestic assault against his wife and stepson while serving in the Air force in 2012. He received a dishonorable discharge, was sentenced to a year’s confinement in the Navy brig at Miramar, Calif., and was reduced to pay grade E-1.

The Air Force has acknowledged it should have provided the information regarding Kelley’s conviction to the National Criminal Information Center database.
The Defense Department’s inspector general’s office will probe how Kelley’s case was handled, and review internal procedures with the intent of making sure any such future cases are reported to the database correctly.