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Certain National Guard and reserve members with receipts for medical and dental bills may now seek reimbursement from Tricare, military health system officials announced July 23. Guardsmen and reservists issued “delayed-effective-date active-duty orders” for more than 30 days in support of a contingency operation, and their families, are eligible. According to Tricare, only those medical expenses incurred during the military member’s “early eligibility” period — up to 60 days prior to reporting to active duty — are reimbursable. Allowable calendar dates run from Nov. 6, 2003, to the present. To apply, members must submit a Tricare claim form, a copy of their itemized bill, an explanation of benefits, and proof of payment (if the bill was already paid) to their regional Tricare claims processor. Instructions and claims forms (DD Form 2642) are available at Tricare service centers, regional contractors, and