Armed Forces News

The Air Force has selected Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, as the preferred site of U.S. Space Command Headquarters. The Air Force said in a press release that Redstone was selected because it offered the best package of mission-related factors – to include infrastructure capacity, community support, and costs to the government. It stated that the nearby community of Huntsville could provide a large and highly qualified work force and low schools as well. The arsenal itself is in position to provide a temporary facility for the command while permanent ones are under construction. Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bellevue, Nebraska, Cape Canaveral, Florida, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and San Antonio, Texas, all were in competition with Redstone for the selection. Each community is home to a major Air Force installation. The Department of the Air Force plans to make a final decision on Space Command headquarters by spring 2023, after a thorough environmental impact analysis is complete. Colorado Springs will continue to serve as the command’s provisional headquarters until the permanent location is ready.