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Mediterranean Sea - Nov 2015: Sailors assigned to USS Porter (DDG 78) man the rails as the ship enters the port of Rota, Spain. (Navy photo by MCS 1st Class Sean Spratt)

Sailors once again will have to undergo regular urinalysis testing, to ensure they are not using illegal drugs. The Navy had temporarily suspended collection operations during the Covid-19 pandemic, in an effort to reduce the virus’s spread.

Testing resumed on May 21. Commands are being ordered to resume testing, or be ready to explain why to their echelon three commanders. The directive includes installations in areas where Covid-19 limits are still in place, or testing for the virus is prevented.


Teleworkers and sailors performing “non-Navy activities” also are subject to urinalysis testing. Each command will be responsible for ensuring that steps are taken to ensure the safety of participants and efficacy of the tests. Mask-wearing, social distancing and washing hands will be required. All surfaces will be wiped clean after each test.

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