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Veterans who suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI) will be the subjects of an extensive study of the condition’s long-term effects. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) will oversee the project under a $50 million grant from the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments. The physical medicine and rehabilitation department at VCU’s medical school will work with collaborators to determine the health impacts of explosions, bullet, hand-to-hand combat, vehicle accidents, falls and sports injuries.

“This is the largest study of its kind that is entailing a deeper dive and more thorough investigation than any other person, patient or even research participant could get,” said Dr. David X. Cifu, a professor at the VCU medical school. “The individual being studies is getting the most comprehensive evaluation of its kind because that is exactly what is required to finally understand these combat concussions and their linkages to symptoms and secondary conditions, like dementia.”


The project began Oct. 1 and will continue for five years.