Armed Forces News

Soldiers soon could garner the power they need while on patrol from batteries that are lighter and weight, safer and at least as powerful as the ones they rely upon today. A team from both the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and the University of Maryland have developed a battery technology that uses a new cathode chemistry to provide the transportable and efficient power.
“Such a high-energy, safe and potentially flexible new battery will likely give the soldiers what they need on the battlefield – reliable high-energy source with robust tolerance against abuse,” said Dr. Kang Xu, a fellow and senior research chemist at ARL’s Adelphi, Md., facility.
The battery the team developed has worked well in tests, but would need to be produced and tested in a larger size before it would be ready for use by soldiers. Once perfected, it would provide roughly 25 percent greater power than a cell phone battery does today. In time, such batteries would find practical use by the Navy, pilots, in space or other civilian applications.