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Sailors serving at sea in Japan, Guam and Spain would qualify for enhanced incentives if they choose to extend their sea duty.
The Navy is offering those sailors who choose to stay deployed for an additional 48 months a waiver of the sea time left on their prescribed sea tour. They also will be allowed to rotate to shore duty for their next assigned tours, the Navy Personnel Command announced Feb. 21.

Sailors in those areas who extend their sea tours by at least 12 months would get preferential consideration for announced billets in Career Management System/Interactive Detailing. Additionally, they could still opt to collect Sea Duty Incentive Pay.

Also, sailors in pay grades E-3 and below now can get orders allowing them to bring dependents to overseas locations where accompanied orders are authorized.
Sailors interested in the incentives have ask for the extension, by submitting an Enlisted Personnel Action Request 18 to 14 months before their projected rotation date. Command career counselors can provide help. More information is available in NAVADMIN 042/18, on the Navy Personnel Command web site,