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A 22-member special review team sent to Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, by Gen. Donald G. Cook, commander of Air Education and Training Command, to examine reports of sexual assaults, has issued preliminary findings. The report indicates students feel the base provides a safe training, working and living environment. Cook directed the review following allegations that “a wave of sexual assaults was going largely unnoticed at Sheppard AFB.” The team reviewed reported sexual-assault cases to confirm they were handled appropriately; determined if there were unreported sexual-assault cases; and examined the effectiveness of the Victim Witness Assistance Program. An in-depth review of 45 sexual assault cases at Sheppard from 1993 to 2003 that resulted in completed courts-martial or nonjudicial punishments showed the cases were handled appropriately and expeditiously. The command is reviewing an additional 69 investigations that occurred since 1996 which did not result in either courts-martial or nonjudicial actions.