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Spurred by recent stories of misconduct involving Navy SEALs, the commander of all military commando units is ordering a comprehensive review of operations and personnel under him.
“Recent incidents have called our culture and ethics into question and threaten the trust placed in us,” wrote Army Gen. Richard D. Clarke, commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), in an Aug. 9 letter to his troops.

Clarke wants the review to focus on how ethics factors into the command’s recruitment, training and education. He also wants to “address ethical failures when they occur,” he wrote.
The review will begin immediately, Clarke wrote. He wants to see results by November. In the meantime, he ordered SOCOM’s individual commands to “expend every effort to facilitate access and support the review team’s efforts.”


Numerous recent media reports have addressed subjects that cast SOCOM in bad light and caught the attention of their commander. Members of SEAL units have been accused of maltreatment of prisoners, drug use, sexual assault, the death by hazing of an Army Green Beret and other incidents of misconduct, Stars and Stripes reported Aug. 12.