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The International Air Transportation Tax, or “head tax,” and the Federal Inspection Fee (FIS) for Space “A” passengers were increased May 22. The head tax is charged to passengers traveling on patriot express missions; special assigned air missions (SAAM) and commercial contract missions; and Space “A” passengers who arrive and depart the customs territories of the U.S. (CTUS) to and from overseas locations on these missions. The head tax was increased from $12.08 to $13.70. FIS applies to Space “A” passengers who arrive in the CTUS from overseas locations on Patriot Express missions, and passengers aboard SAAM commercial contract missions. This fee increased from $11 to $12. According to Navy-AMC Air Terminal Manager Robert Hurley, the increase was mandated by federal law to offset the cost of providing customs and immigration services at U.S. ports of entry.