Armed Forces News

The Biden Administration has stated its “full support” for the Space Force, indicating no plans to move military space functions back to the Air Force or parts of the Intelligence agencies. “We’re not revisiting that decision,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki recently.

The Space Force became the 6th branch of the US military in 2019, and after some delay Guardians was chosen as the moniker for Space Force personnel, which is awesome.


So what about ranks?

Space Force Guardians in pay grades E-1 through E-4 will be known as specialists, under the rank system the service announced Feb. 1.

The senior non-commissioned officer for the service will be known as the chief master sergeant of the Space Force. All non-commissioned officer and officer ranks will be consistent by those in use by the Air Force.

The preferred terms for junior enlisteds are Specialist 1, Specialist 2, Specialist 3 and Specialist 4 depending upon pay grade, or simply by “specialist.”

Guardians will continue to wear Air Force ranks until the service establishes its own designs. Also, guardians need not update their common access cards to reflect the changes. Rather, they will receive further guidance sometime in the near future.