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One-to-one, personalized help would go along way toward improving the quality of life for soldiers and their families while in garrison, according to a study conducted by the RAND Corporation. The study was conducted in 2014, and sampled active-duty soldiers at 40 installations.

Other recommendation include:
* Emphasis on trust between soldiers and their superiors.
* Priority should be placed upon providing easy online access to information and staffing services.
* Garrisons should focus more on building partnerships that help soldiers and their families.
* Non-commissioned officers and other soldiers should be exposed earlier in their careers to avenues where they can get help solving problems.
* Priorities should be set at the ” aggregate Army level,”  rather than relying upon individual installations to do so.
* Army Community Centers should adopt a ” no wrong door”  policy, to help soldiers and their families find the resources they need more quickly.

The study also showed that many soldiers and families are unaware of assistance available to them. They also expressed the desire to be able to resolve problems and issues without ” bringing leadership into the equation.”