Armed Forces News

Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 452 (VMGR 452) took delivery of the first KC-130J Super Hercules tanker late last month, in another step toward recapitalization of unit’s fleet. Based at Stewart Air National Guard Base, New York, VMGR 452 becomes the second Marine Reserve squadron to take delivery of the new aircraft. They are replacing the aging fleet of KC-130Ts, which saw action during the past 30 years in Operations Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. The planes provide support for Marine Air-Ground Task Force commanders by providing in-flight refueling for fixed, rotary and tilt-rotor aircraft. They are faster, more fuel-efficient, have better payload and have better range and payloads than their predecessors. They also are equipped with an integrated defensive suite, automated maintenance fault reporting, high-altitude ramp and door hydraulics. Digital avionics and dual heads-up displays provide operators with significantly improved situational awareness. While the C-130J is in line to become the common platform for the Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard, the Marines has the largest fleet of the aircraft in the world.