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The services each have implemented their own tenants’ bill of rights, aimed at ensuring that military families live in safe and secure housing and have an avenue of recourse when they encounter problems.

“Ensuring the implementation of the tenants’ rights is an important step in our long-term plans to continue to improve transparency and communication for service members and their families who live in public-private venture housing,” said Todd Schafer, acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment.


To date, the Army has implemented the Tenants’ Bill of Rights at 36 of 44 installations that have privatized housing. Full implementation of all provisions should be complete by the end of July.

“People are our number one priority, and enacting these rights will improve the quality of life of our soldiers and their families,” said J.E Jack Surash, Shafer’s Army counterpart. “We will encourage our residents to provide feedback through online tenant satisfaction surveys and town hall meetings, and to report housing issues through the Army Housing Online User Services app, our 24/7 telephone hotline and through their local hosing offices.”

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