Armed Forces News

Beneficiaries of TRICARE, the military’s managed health-care plan, soon will have the chance to change their coverage options. The open season for both TRICARE and federal benefits will run from Nov. 11 through Dec. 9. Any changes participants select would take effect Jan. 1.

During the open season, eligible participants can:


•      Remain with their current TRICARE coverage plan, by doing nothing.
•      Enroll in either TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select, if they have not already and wish to do so.
•      Change plans, or switch coverage from individual to family or vice versa.

Eligible beneficiaries also can use the open season to opt for dental and vision coverage under the FEDVIP program. Current participants can retain their status simply by making no changes to their coverage.

Retirees who are covered by TRICARE for Life are not affected by the open season. They are automatically enrolled in the plan, as long as they are enrolled in Medicare Part A and B. Persons covered by TRICARE Retired Reserve, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Young Adult and the Continued Health Care Benefit Program also are not affected by open season.