National Security Plan Unveiled

The nation would rely upon its economic strength as national-security cornerstone, under the plan outlined by President Donald Trump Dec. 18.

“With every decision and every action, we are now putting America First. We are rebuilding our nation, our confidence and our standing in the world,” Trump said in a speech held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.

Defense spending would continue to focus on neutralizing current and potential threats posed by Iran, North Korea, Russia and China, as well as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Additional focus would be directed toward protecting the country’s borders.

The plan would require continuation of the ongoing modernization process now underway within the armed forces, to include an increase in overall strength. The acquisition process would be streamlined, the bureaucracy reduced, and new domains — such as cyberspace — would garner greater focus.

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis described the plan as “clear and comprehensive.”

U.S. forces would conduct their missions in a manner that would enable the State Department’s diplomatic corps to conduct theirs from “a position of strength,” Mattis said.

“Supported by our allies and partners, we will continue to defend our common security interests as we protect America from those seeking to threaten the freedoms we enjoy,” Mattis said.