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The Department of Veterans Affairs is extending funding to groups that receive grants to run homeless shelters for veterans. The move would enable these organizations to continue operating when they otherwise would be ineligible due to recent changes in program guidelines. In December, VA posted an announcement in the Federal Register stating that per diem payments would end for all organizations that received grants between fiscal years 1994 and 2016. These organizations each would have to reapply for the grants and meet new eligibility criteria, according to the announcement.
The program that ended had focused on offering veterans shelter.
“We want our veterans to have a permanent home,” said Dr. David J. Shulkin, the VA secretary. “To do that, our homeless programs staff is dedicated to making sure the services and grants we provide … are based on current needs and approaches,” he said.
Each agency soon will get a letter from VA, explaining how the one-year extension will work and what they should do to continue their participation.