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Veterans can receive text reminders of their upcoming medical appointments at treatment facilities operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Since the service began last March, the number of no-shows has declined to 12.22 percent from 13.68 percent. On Oct. 1, VA plans to send reminders of appointments to veterans throughout the nation, using its VEText system. The messages will be distributed only to veterans who list their cell phone numbers with the personal information in their health records. VA is urging all veterans with cell phones to check their records, to make sure the phone numbers they list are up to date. Veterans would get their first reminder seven days before their appointments, and another two days before. Each text reminder will provide the date and time, and prompts that would allow veterans to confirm or cancel each appointment.  Veterans who do not wish to participate can simply press the STOP button contained in the VEText text they receive. Veterans who change their mind and wish to begin getting the reminders again can do so by finding an old VEText and clicking the START button. More information is available online at